Bioshag Trinity Full Movie Elizabeth Episode 1, 2 & 3


(Netcosplay Featured video and Editors Choice) Bioshag Trinity Full Movie Elizabeth Episode 1, 2 & 3 in Bioshock animated porn parody.

Episode 1 Here

Episode 2 Here

Episode 3 Here

I played these games. I loved theses games. Now……. I love this porn.

Where do u find this type of porn? The Borderlands type too if u would so kind as to divulge. E=Mc2. Anyone else hear the fallout 3 music at around 4min 45 secs? Pretty cool guys. So Einstein seconds this.

lmao “im trying!!!!” Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to drug him…
But was she raised around birds or something because she sure knows how to raise a cock. Actually, yes. A giant mechanical falcon named Songbird.

Is this canon? Therefore, this is the best quality ever the greatest or at least the greatest I have ever seen in a porn video anyway okay but seriously, these voice actors are phenomenal. So now I want to play the game to find out the real story.

But that first scene though. What a great blowjob.

So damn… I just couldn’t do it when songbird saved her.. I got REALLY SAD, I loved the relationship between the two and was so sad when he died! Ugh…I’mma go cry now…i guess you could say shes opening a tear. ahhh… back when FOW wasn’t as r*pey

Amazing. So Porn with a story! Bless this holy Trinity. But I love the sound track.*Happily sighs* This is so f*cking good. Stylish west is a nice bioshock song.

This is a masterpiece!. So she is the cartoon version of Dita Von Teese. But the first half of this is damn good porn, animated or otherwise. This has to be one of my all time favourite Bioshock Parodies, It’s done so well.

Artist: Studio FOW


Sound: Yes

Duration: 23+ Min

Artists: Studio FOW