Elizabeth Pays in Other Ways No Gods No Kings


(Netcosplay Featured video and Editors Choice) Elizabeth Pays in Other Ways No Gods No Kings.

LordAardvark is the Stephen Spielberg of SFM porn. A real rule34 3d animation genius. And here goes another Bioshock Porn Parody

Elizabeth has found herself once again in Rapture the great underwater city. But now she wants to leave and never return. So she knows the best way to do that, since the Lutece device successfully got her out of Rapture once. But before the device can be hunted down, she needs to buy a set of clothes to fit the time period. However, she has come back without any money.

Fortunately, she has certain other ways she can pay. Using her special talents. After paying for the shirt with an amazing titfuck she then has to pay for her dress. The shop keeper teases her tight pussy until he pulls his throbbing member up to pound her ass vigorously. In a hot an heavy anal romp. Elizabeth Pays and takes pleasure in manipulating men for her personal gain using her beautiful face. Large heaving breasts and tempting ass. And Elizabeth means business, what a sexy stone cold slut!!

With her killer looks and flawless figure, how could any man not fall prey to her charms?

Remember Fair Market Value where Elizabeth cheered dudes to knock her up? Now that was paradise, everything was right in the world! Now it’s surprising someone would trade Elizabeth’s pussy for her ass without first unloading at least 3 loads of their potent sperm in her womb. Then again the prospect of anally wrecking Elizabeth is hot as fuck.

A lot of our horny viewers wish for less talking and more action but we love a good story. Because you might end up watching more for intrigue and laughs than faps, ngl.. We also love women who shamelessly use their looks and huge tits to get what they want. As far she is draining balls in the process.

This is some damn fine animation. But SilkyMilk really stole the show here and should be applauded for being so arousing. The voice work is fantastic. Anything to do with Elizabeth is guaranteed to get you instantly hard. This would be an easy 10/10 if Elizabeth permitted the shop keeper to give her a hot sticky load of appreciation not letting him finish is blue balls taken to the max

The artist Lord Aardvark is reaching excellence. One of the rare artists that go the extra mile and this is no exception

Artist: LordAardvark (Patreon) / Silkymilk (Patreon)

Social: twitter.com/lordaardvark / twitter.com/silkymilkvoices

Sound: Yes

Duration: 10+ Min

Review Comments

  • This is the best animation I‘ve seen! So refreshing to see natural conversation during intercourse, and natural body movement as well. The female voice actress did an amazing job at vocalising the sex. Seemed completely natural, which is a major turn on. I enjoyed that there was some plot, but would have loved to have seen some cum on those gorgeous tits and face.
  • The adversarial type of conversation was the highlight imo. The way they seemed to be trying to come across as casual was so hot!!!
  • This is great but the ending is blue balls x100. Elizabeth Pays, she should have at least let him cum once!!
  • More Comments

  • Leave it Lord Aardvark to you to interject an interesting plot in your smut. Now I wanna see where it goes for more than just the hot sex scenes.
  • The way she dirty talks about her experiences in Paris is so hot. I wonder what naughty things she did with the Frenchmen.
  • The fact that she stopped with no titjob cumshot right there is downright criminal. Was so good right until that happened
  • This should of had the guy cum twice but to not have a single one? That’s just cruel
  • Please create more like this! Powerful women are such a turn on.
  • Rapture must have been a fun town before everyone went apeshit
  • cool stuff, i really enjoyed it, worth waiting. i wish there was more fucking but considering you make it alone it is impressive and of good quality
  • Who else appreciated the effort they put in the script of the characters and voice acting. Almost feels like a bioshock game, but with sex and all. Splendid work
  • It’s such a shame that a very well done video such as this one doesn’t have vaginal creampie/impregnation. The Breeding Void remains somewhat dissatisfied but we acknowledge that LordAardvark has animated one with creampie before therefore we respect their decision. Carry on mortal.
Artists: LordAardvark / Silkymilk