Harley Quinn Blows You In Front of Joker (Blacked)


Harley Quinn Blows You In Front of Joker (Blacked) in Batman Arkham Asylum Porn Parody.

Harley: Mister J is just watching me suck off this BBC and hes not doing anything. Never knew he was a cuck.

She looks so good sucking that Big Black Cock! Harley Quinn Blows You but watch those teeth Harley! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need a longer version of this with sound…Oh God, she is so damn sexy! Only a fool wouldn’t be ready to expect teeth with Harley. But it’s worth it. I like lightly biting the mans cock, especially the head, makes the man turn to mush right in your mouth. I like to be rough with oral every now and again. Pause. No Homo

bonus points if the guy has foreskin, mmm just pull the skin back.

Artist: Leeterr (Patreon)

Social: twitter.com/leettron

Sound: Yes

Duration: 1 Sec

Artists: Leeterr