Kasumi and Mai Pleasure A Huge Black Dong (BBC)


Kasumi and Mai Pleasure A Huge Black Dong (BBC) in Dead or Alive Porn parody.

So I want porn that makes it look like the guy is just some generic porn model, but when they show the face it’s a completely out-of-left-field character. But I would die laughing if the guy in this video turned out to be Louis from Left 4 Dead.
retard. So the upwards shot where he takes up half the screen, and the close up of his face when he’s COOMINagain, retard. But no straight guy wants to see a close up of a dudes face while he’s tryin to wank it. So I don’t really mind seeing a man’s face getting an orgasm while having mine, I kept seeing the two girls with the sound.
But I’m more disappointed that between two smokin’ hot, huge-titted ninja girls, all the guy is getting is a sad handjob. Seriously? He could do that on his own. What does he need THEM for? Therefore, The whole thing just screams “missed opportunity”, is all I’m sayin’.
But MY biggest issue is the way she’s jacking him. Like, that’s an awkward way to hold her arm, and she can only really get about 2 fingers on it. So meanwhile, if she rotated her hand 180 degrees so her thumb is facing out. It’s like a billion times more comfortable, much easier to go quickly, gets a lot more hand surface area. But it’s Really perplexing.

Kasumi and Mai Pleasure the guy but that dude does not look like he wants to be there. Kasumi is such a bad girl fot wasting all that thick juicy cum. She should get punished.

Artist: Eddy Productions (Eddysfm) (Patreon)

Social: http://eddysstash.tumblr.com/

Sound: Yes

Duration: 39 Sec