Leliana Honeydrop Interrogation Dragon Age


Leliana Honeydrop Interrogation Dragon Age

After traditional interrogation techniques fail to extract information from a captured spy, Spymaster Leliana decides to coerce the agent into speaking using unconventional methods.

A fucking masterpiece. The “glup”, man I so laughed with it lmao. I see he’s getting better at the erratic headbobs during dialogue / non-sex scenes. old animations were too erratic but this is better for sure. and awesome voice acting too. What the hell why did it end at most important part ?

Leliana Honeydrop Interrogation Dragon age parody is awesome. But Aw, man. Why’s it have to end just when things get interesting?

Artist: LordAardvark (Patreon)

Social: https://twitter.com/lordaardvark?lang=en

Sound: Yes

Duration: 3+ Min