Morrigan Dragon Age The Ritual CLOSEUP ALTERNATIVE


Morrigan dragon age

Morrigan bites down and descends onto the majestic Grey Warden’s thick shaft. She gasps softly. Then she moans. Followed by lewder, and more sensual grunts. She had been waiting for this encounter for what seemed like forever. For instance, when she first laid saw him in the Korcari wilds. And now on the eve of the battle with the Archdemon, she finally had her desires satisfied. Her hips swayed automatically, instinct taking over… her fingernails dug into her lover’s well ripped chest, an animal-like, wild passion building between them. She could feel him getting closer now, while throbbing. A confident smile crept across her lips, knowing what was to come. But she would welcome it, for her body was ready and willing… to bear his offspring.
While Morrigan rides the Grey Warden she can feel his pure strength and power, and can see clearly. However, she couldn’t get carried away because he was truly the chosen one and has to get his seed one way or another.
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Artist: Studio FOW


Sound: Yes

Duration: 1+ Min

Artists: Studio FOW