The Epic Crossover Meets The Ultimate Fantasy


(Netcosplay Featured video and Editors Choice) The Epic Crossover Meets The Ultimate Fantasy. So this is the new Ready Player One. “I don’t really watch hentai all that much….  However, this was fantastic!  Loved everything about it!  Keep it up and looking forward to a second one!”

After a year and a half of build up and guaranteed release dates then the project being postponed on and off.  We are not disappointed with the end result. First off, Slappy Frog and After Effects Hentai said over-delivered with 12 characters. Rogue is great. Harley is hot and we’re not about to ignore Ms.Frizzle getting some too. The Epic Crossover is going down in internet history. This is a win for all

So heres the full list of every female in the video (in order from left to right) : Velma , Harley Quinn , Tali Zorah , Cammy , Lana Kane , Yoko Litner , Rogue , Peach , April O’ Neil , Leela , Peg Pete , Misato Katsuragi , Raven , Korra , Elsa and Ms.Frizzle.

So the animators did a fantastic job. and we hope we get to see an Epic Crossover 2 sometime in the future. For instance, On the SlappyFrog patreon, Epic Crossover 2 currently sits at 25% funded. If you (or anyone reading this) are interested and have a few shekels to spare I suggest becoming a fellow patron.
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But “Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history”
AEHentai & SlappyFrog:


Artist: AEHentai (Patreon) / Slappyfrog (Patreon)


Sound: Yes

Duration: 11+ Min

  • Facial at 7min24
    Artists: AEHentai / Slappyfrog